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Thursday, March 08, 2012


Initially, 3 months ago, I was reluctant 2 set any 2012 resolutions. Reason being, only 30% of my previous annual resolutions met da target, while da remaining deemed failed (put in a nicer word – yet 2 b achieved^^). N even after 3 months, I came up with a similar rule, self-centered policy of mine, which I think not much different from the conscience I had during New Year Eve. It reads:


Simple huh?

But I guess, as simple as it can be, it is not easy 2 achieve. Especially being happy. Regardless, I certainly would take dis rule seriously 4 d next 270 days remaining. I’ve been tired (n hurt too) 4 keep on setting goals 4 my New Year resolutions but in da end, stays as da following next year’s resolutions. Classic Zokhri…

So I juz gonna take it easy dis time. No pressure. No target. Only focusing @ myself being happy. In watever I do, wherever I go, it is because of my own wills and wanting. Da will 2 treasure myself n reward myself 4 wat I’ve gained (nothing much but Australia, India and San Francisco are in the list) ^^

I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed but I am bound to live up to what light I have. (Abraham Lincoln, 1809 – 1865)

Some wud av called me coward. 4 once, Zokhri is known 2 b a goal setter n jetsetter bla..bla..bla which exactly I want 2 put a pause 2 those dogmas as I’m loosing da very essential needs of my living – parties, beaches, travelling, eating n blogging. Less, I realized I’m approaching 30 (age is just a number: repeat 100x) having qualification left and right, searching -slash- hunting 4 love n da rite person, still, I’m da lonely Zokhri. N 2 those who disagree wif me toning down, “I wud rather be lonely having all da things I wanna do, than being lonely wif wat ppl want me to do.”

The capacity to be alone becomes linked with self-discovery and self-realisation; with becoming aware of one’s deepest needs, feelings and impulses. (Anthony Storr)

So 2012 is a year, I wud focus more on myself. I’ll do wat I wanna do, be silly or recklessly, get wasted or busted, be doomed or boom. Every single thing dat I do, its gonna make myself a hero 2 me, a queen of myself, n putting aside others (4 a while I hope) from da picture. I’ll cease da risk n take da ride. Einstein once said, There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Dis is da moment, Zokhri! And opportunity strikes only once!! It’s either now or never!!!

Note: If da world still exist by 2013, I’ll think of a new strategy (^_^)

Next, Namaste India!!!



yaya k said...

Taegyeong Oppa, Ahnyong~

put me in da picture.. hehehe
Good Luck for the resolution and being happy all de time is the most hardest thing to do, but I know you'll do your best for it. kan??

As usual, my prayer always be with you.

For the part "searching -slash- hunting 4 love n da rite person" - Seriously can't wait to know the luckiest lady of yours. ;-)

ok, take care oppa.

Love, Me :)

Zokhri Idris said...


of course you will be in the pic. thanks for the warm wishes too dearie. yes, i hope to do the utmost best that i can.

i guess u have to wait lil longer one in my mind now. so im juz gonna enjoy da ride and patiently waiting wat happens next.

u take care too dear dungsaeng